Upcoming Events

Training for Better Presentations with Tau Beta Pi:
This event is being jointly hosted by ACS POLY/PMSE, TBP, ChEGS, EECS, and MSEGC.
Time: 12-1:30 pm
Location: 1008 EECS

Training (for) Better Presentations is aimed at providing Michigan Engineering graduate students the opportunity to enhance their scientific communication skills, so they can learn to effectively convey the “big picture” value of their research to a diverse audience. It also aims to engage a dialog of science and engineering research among graduate students across the entire College of Engineering.

Intended as “teaching through practice” event, each session is structured to have student speakers (2-3 per session) make a timed (15-20 min) presentation on their graduate research to a broad engineering audience and a communications expert panel (3-4 panelists). Our expert panelists will provide constructive feedback to the speakers (and the audience), highlighting the positive aspects of each presentation and also indicating opportunities for improvement. This structure will allow for the speakers to receive specific feedback on their communication skills, while also providing the audience with generalized guidelines for good scientific communication.


 Proctor & Gamble Info Session

Time: 5:30-7:30 pm 
Location: 3433 EECS
Bring several copies of your resume, as there will be a meet & greet following the information session. Food (Jerusalem Garden) will be provided!