2017-2018 Officers

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Ryan Hall, President

Ryan is a 4th year PhD student studying under the direction of Dr. Ronald Larson. For his current project, he is studying the effects of chemical structure on the flow behavior of various polymer melts/solutions via molecular dynamics simulations. In addition, he is performing rheological experiments with polymer blends.

Abhishek Dhyani, Vice President

Ying Liu, Treasurer

Nisha Hollingsworth, Social Chair

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Harry van der Laan, President Emeritus

Harry is a 4th year PhD student working with professor Timothy Scott. He is currently working on developing dental materials with decreased shrinkage stress using thiol-ene chemistry. Being an international student, Harry hails from the Netherlands, and obtained a MSc. in chemistry from the Radboud University Nijmegen.

Outreach committee

Ayse Muniz

Alyssa Travitz

2018-2019 Officers


Alyssa Travitz, Co-President

Alyssa Travitz is a 3rd year PhD student working in the Larson Group studying computational models for waterborne coatings. She was previously co-chair of the ACS POLY/PMSE Outreach Initiative, and continues to serve on the organizational committee for the REACT Workshop.

Ayse Muniz, Co-president


Ayse Muniz is a 3rd year PhD student in the Macromolecular Science and Engineering program. Her research focuses on engineering tissue microenvironments to study the influence of materials on cell fate. She is actively engaged in leadership positions through ACS POLY/PMSE (Co-President), the Zell Lurie Commercialization Fund (Healthcare deal flow lead), and the NSF Cellular Metamaterials (Cell-Met) Engineering Research Center (Student Leadership Council President).

Ying Liu, Vice president of student affair

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Our vice president of student affair, Ying is a 3th year PhD candidate studying under the direction of Dr. Ronald Larson. For her current project, she is developing analytical methods to quantify polyelectrolytes in order to study the phase behavior of oppositely charged polyelectrolytes.

Zhihe Gao, Treasurer

Engineering, Maurice Traylor
Zhihe(Zoe) Gao, 2nd year Master student. I work in Dr. Anish Tuteja’s lab, with a focus on antimicrobial materials.

Muru Zhou, Secretary


Muru Zhou is a 2nd year Phd student. Her research focuses on the application of shape-morphing materials on retinal prosthesis.

Outreach committee

Violet Sheffey, Vice President of Outreach