2019-2020 Officers


Muru Zhou                                                                                 Shamalee Goonetilleke

Muru and Shamalee are 3rd year Phd students. Muru’s research focuses on the application of shape-morphing materials on retinal prosthesis.

Kristen Kelsall, Vice president of student affair

Kristen is a first year Macro student working in the Matzger lab.

Anthony Berardi, Treasurer

Anthony is a first year Macro PhD student interested in developing translational, targeted drug delivery systems.

Cecelia Kinane, Secretary

Our secretary, Cecelia Kinane.

Outreach committee

Julie Rieland, Vice President of Outreach

Julie is our vice president of outreach. Her research focuses on ionic liquid interactions with polymeric fractions of biomass.

Faculty Advisor

Timothy Scott

Prof. Timothy Scott